Join the 2015 Batch of The GSF Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program


GSF Accelerator is delighted to announce the launch of its 2015 Program. Keeping with GSF’s thesis of building bridges between Indian innovation and global talent, GSF invites application from thought leaders from diverse geographic and functional domains.

EiRs@GSF program offers a deep immersion in the startup ecosystem to the entrepreneurial talent aggregated from across the world. Every six months, GSF brings on board 10-12 EiRs to anchor GSF accelerator programs in cities across the world: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, San Francisco, New York, and Singapore.

In the phase I of the program, EiRs scout, evaluate, and aid in the selection of the most innovative startups from across the world.

In the phase II of the program spanning 12-16 weeks EiRs execute programming, forge linkages between GSF companies and external partners, and buddy mentor each of the portfolio companies. In this period, they drive strategic partnerships and expand GSFs already robust mentor network of top entrepreneurs and business executives in the tech community across India and the globe.

In the phase III post the Accelerator program, EiRs take on the role of board observers in the GSF portfolio companies while they get back to doing their own thing.

“GSF EIRs is an exceptional gathering of global talent. Among the group, I fervently value diversity of talent, of experience, and of thought. We are looking for talented individuals who are never satisfied with things the way they are,” says Founder Rajesh Sawhney.

So far, 40 plus EiRs have gone through the program. Typically, they have been educated at top-tier universities and have worked at and led some of the most exciting companies in the world. GSF EiRs from the first three batches have taken different routes after the program. Two of the EiRs in Mumbai have gone on to start Pokkt (a mobile monetization platform), another two in Delhi are building TripMD. A few went on to join venture capital and private equity funds like Vertex, Helion and Element Capital, and others joined early-stage tech startups like ZipDial, Octro, and Little Eye Labs.