Going Global: Delivering 10x Customer Delight

This is the second post in my “Going Global” series for emerging world startups.  The previous article “Go global faster: Building billion dollar tech enterprise from India” can be  read on yourstory.com

Having recently interacted with fair bits of startups building global technology products, one theme that has consistently emerged is that while Indian startups are solving deep problems applicable to customers across the world, the product experience leaves a lot to be desired. In order to succeed amongst world-class competition, we need to do better and I would like to call this building for “10X wow factor”. Continue reading

Go global faster: Building billion dollar tech from India

This article originally appeared on YourStory

The traditional view on expanding a business with potential in international markets is to first build and capture the local market. This works in large developed markets like the US with deep local customer base, for example, the Enterprise and B2B technology sector. This concept also worked when distributing products globally was a challenge; it was a tough task establishing and managing a distributed workforce in each location.


However, this thinking doesn’t hold anymore and if a technology product has to succeed globally, especially out of the developing world, it needs to think global from day one for the following reasons: Continue reading

Don’t go to Harvard?

This post is a reply by one of our EiRs Vikul Goyal to an interesting article by Vivek Wadhwa on not going to Harvard if you want to be an entrepreneur.

I’m not sure if I fully understand what the author is trying to communicate here. Is he trying to say – “Do not go to good schools if you want to be successful entrepreneurs” as the title suggests. I don’t want to disregard the findings of the research the author has conducted but my experience at Harvard has led me to believe otherwise. So, I strongly disagree. Continue reading