From a High School Rebellion to Startup Frenzy

I still remember the day I received my acceptance email to GSF, as if it was yesterday. It was one of those moments I would remember for life because I felt like I was being rewarded for an entire teenage life’s worth of insanity. From creating doodles in my book to discussing business plans with almost everyone I meet, I was about to meet entrepreneurs I had considered as heroes for a major chunk of my life. It didn’t take much longer for my parents to figure out I had come up with another one of those evil plots that were meant to push myself as an entrepreneur, to a brighter future. I had a hard time explaining what an accelerator and startup was (for most Indians, both accelerator and startup are terms usually used in correlation with a vehicle) and an even harder time convincing them for the need to send me across two continents, alone, to people they knew nothing about. With a reasonable amount of tantrums and cajoling from a high school senior, my school’s assistant vice principal and my parents decided to send me to chase my dreams for once. For all I knew the opportunity that lied ahead of me was unquestionably the biggest I had ever confronted. I had the inherent responsibility of making the very best out of it. Thus the journey began after 3 weeks of waiting, on the 2nd of July with a flight from Muscat (Oman) to Chennai (India). Continue reading