I believe

I believe in Rajesh Sawhney. That’s why I’m here. 20 yrs ago he had believed in me. It’s a happy debt to repay always. We forged a friendship on the back of it and are all the more richer!

I’ve seen him create something out of nothing in the last two years. To get the brightest minds to believe in an idea:some to fund it, some to fuel it takes a lot.  Continue reading

GSF Uncensored: Sharath Potharaju, Mobstac on Managing Finances

GSF Accelerator, Bangalore had a great session with Sharath Potharaju, CEO of Mobstac on Managing Finances at early stage start-ups. One of my favorite take-aways from the session was, “It is very important to have a plan; you may completely change it later”.

Here’s some quick, uncensored footage from the session – Sharath talking about the importance of selecting good lawyers and auditors. This is not the place to save money!

GSF Uncensored: Aloke Bajpai on pivoting iXiGO five years after launch

Aloke Bajpai of leading online trip planner and guide, iXiGO, has been an incredible mentor, advisor and friend to GSF. Back in October, he sat on our Investment Committee in Delhi, drawing from his years as an entrepreneur to select the best and brightest on our short-list. In this clip, he speaks about why and how iXiGO pivoted over 5 years after launching, in pursuit of a larger vision and problem to tackle.

GSF Uncensored: Sid Talwar on why copycat startups in India fail

Angel investor, Sid Talwar, has been a huge supporter and advisor to GSF. We had him come in and speak to our startups in Delhi on the critical importance of developing and learning from your MVP, or otherwise known as your “Minimum Viable Product.” In this short, and admittedly blurry clip, he talks about why just copying companies from abroad and dumping them into India without going through a customer development process does not work. In fact, most fail.