Globetrotting with GSF

At 10:30 PM on the 4th of April 2012, I walked into Terminal 3 of Delhi’s international airport, getting ready for a two week global expedition. I’ve done my fair share of international travel in the past, but this trip was going to be something really unique. We were to visit six cities across three countries in nine days, with an incredibly packed schedule of meetings, presentations and a few parties as well. The itinerary was – Delhi – London – Berlin – New York – Boston – Palo Alto – San Francisco – Delhi. It was a crazy schedule (as we would often get told during our trip) and I can think of only the crazy GSF team that would pull off something of such scale. We were to meet with entrepreneurs and investors, present at leading business schools and immerse ourselves in the local startup ecosystem to learn and be inspired. The GSF delegate included, for the most part, Rajesh Sawhney – Founder GSF, three of the GSF EIRs and six startups.

I can honestly say that nothing in the past, compared with what I was about to experience. Continue reading

GSF World Expedition Hits New York

photoThe purpose of the GSF World Expedition 2013 is to “foster a cross-border dialogue” between the key players of the Indian digital ecosystem and leaders in vibrant digital startup ecosystems around the globe.  The world expedition is playing out like a rock star’s world tour.  New York has its finger on the world’s pulse.  At the halfway mark, GSF came to Columbia University for a give and take discussion on entrepreneurship with the Columbia Venture Community, in collaboration with the Eugene Lang Center for Entrepreneurship at the Business School and Columbia’s Engineering Entrepreneurship programs. Continue reading