The Design Thinking Process

Today’s workshop was an unusual one – of course, it involved design! How should startups face the design challenge? How can the startups better identify and better engage with their customers? We had Ketna Hirji from The Innovation Tool Box to mentor our startups on how to go about the design process. Rather than just being lectured upon, the startups brainstormed on ideas and finally made a visual prototype and showcased them via elevator pitches.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels likeDesign is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

Startups should question a customer to understand what he or she feels. Keep asking why, why, why to properly understand the customer and build an empathy map of the customer as to how he or she was feeling while answering the questions and arrive at a final statement like – Kate is a big coffee drinker who needs to make her own coffee quickly and wants the experience to be fun and seamless because she values her time.

Next, brainstorm on the idea, keeping the following points in mind and follow the method in this video.

  1. Big
  2. Visual
  3. Quantity
  4. No judgements
  5. Go wild

Vote on the ideas and build a visual prototype which gets the most votes!

  1. Be mindful of the process
  2. Focus on human values
  3. Change your perspective
  4. Collaborate across boundaries
  5. Create clarity from complexity
  6. Show, don’t tell!

We had 6 prototypes, here is a picture of one of them being explained!

Alex explaining his startup idea


  • Observe and understand
  • Frame, define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Test, Iterate

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  1. That’s brilliant stuff I must say. Very creative!

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