GSF HighSchoolGeeks

GSF HighSchoolGeeks

Are you more than just a normal high school kid?

Want to change the world?


If you’ve found this, it looks like you might be at the right place at the right time. Yes, GSF is inducting four top-notch high school geeks – one each in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi & Mumbai  – as full-fledged EiRs (entrepreneurs in residence). Why? Because our class of GSF ‘13 startups could benefit from your unique perspective, and we want to nurture the geek culture in India’s schools like yours. This opportunity will give those selected direct hands-on experience with the startup ecosystem in India, positioning you at the right place to make a difference. Yes, you can make a difference!

So how do you get in? You will be tested by an online programming challenge. We’ll take a look at your profile and anything you’ve done in the past. (Don’t worry! We understand you haven’t lived for so long yet.) Some of you will be interviewed. Four will be chosen and ceremoniously inducted as EiRs. When’s it all happening? The challenge is on May 26 and GSF Accelerator 2013 is from early June to late July.


Wait a minute… what’s an EiR? An egg inside a rabbit?

No, silly! The EiR@GSF program is the perfect opportunity for those looking for a deep immersive experience in the Indian startup ecosystem and experience building high growth startups. This unique and intensely immersive experience is designed to help EiRs from across the world launch their own startups, find partners, mentorship and gain access to capital. An EiR (Entrepreneur in Residence) is a misfit, a rebel and a leader, who sees an opportunity for change everywhere he/she looks. An EiR is restless, looking for his/her next challenge, while engaging with the best and brightest startups in India. An EiR is humble, a go-getter, rolling his/her sleeves up to get the job, any job, done.

Can you tell me a little more about GSF Accelerator?

Sure! GSF Accelerator is India’s largest and most successful tech accelerator, founded by Rajesh Sawhney, and backed by 20 iconic Indian Digital Founders and 5 leading funds from across the World. It is a 9-week program designed to foster innovation in India’s fast-growing digital economy. It aims to provide select, promising startups in the mobile, social, local and cloud spaces with unparalleled access to venture & business networks, personalized & intensive mentoring, and initial capital.

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The program runs simultaneously in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, with each location hosting 5 startups. Extensive coaching is provided to each startup by a mentorship pool of over 200 leading co-founders and digital masterminds from across the world. The GSF accelerator startups attend 25 intensive and proprietary workshops conducted by global experts. 20 startups receive initial funding from GSF. This is the single largest funding event for the Indian startups by number. GSF Superangels provide further funding to a few startups at the end of the program. Know more.

OK I’m ready. What’s the challenge?

19 April – 26 May

Register, tell us about yourself! Then register on if you want to take part in the programming challenge (optional, but highly recommended).

26 May

Take a 24 hour challenge hosted by HackerEarth – it would comprise of three algorithmic problems, to be solved using any language supported by HackerEarth.

26 May – 2 June

Students will be shortlisted by taking both the portfolio (what you fill while registering) and HackerEarth challenge into consideration. They will then be interviewed online and one from each city would be chosen and inducted as an EiR in the second iteration of the GSF Accelerator! Woot, woot!

Bonus Points

Over the next month, we will be posting regular questions for you and the other applicants on our GSF Facebook page. Questions will range from “What is the most interesting article you came across today?” to “What was the most innovative product to come out of India in 2012?” This is our chance to get to know you as a person. Please answer the questions honestly and frankly on our Facebook page. Have fun! To begin, here’s what you need to do, step by step:

1. ‘Like’ GSF’s  Facebook Page
2. Keep an eye on out for questions by checking the page regularly.
3. Answer questions in your authentic character. Feel free to post links.
4. Keep engaged! Your level of activity matters to our selection process.

What’s the timeline of the program and what are the HSGs gonna do?


  • Buddy mentor assigned startup
  • Plan networking mixers and mentor management


  • Prepare startups for the demo day
  • Engage investors and devise fundraising plan

What we plan to accomplish

  • Provide an overview of the Indian entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Reinforce concepts and ideas on running a startup with hands on knowledge and mentorship
  • Enable relationships with key Mentors, Advisors and Venture Capitalists

Wait, but I’m not a programmer. I’m just an entrepreneur. Can I still apply?

Yes! We’re considering applicants who have been involved previously in an entrepreneurial initiative. If you think you’re the right fit for us (if you’ve that instinct), then do register and we’ll even review the applications who don’t participate in the programming challenge!

Why is GSF even doing this?

GSF believes that nurturing geek culture from the very beginning (namely, in high schools) is not only an essential but obligatory step. Thus, GSF is organizing a nationwide high school geek hunt to find the four very brightest geeks and take them on an exciting journey of entrepreneurship. Come along!

Meet the 17 years old EiR

Gautam Gupta, 17 year old EiR at GSF Accelerator 2012Gautam Gupta, an 11th grade student, was the EiR at GSF Accelerator in its first iteration in 2012. He is currently heading the HSG program at GSF, and in his words:

“Entrepreneur in Residence is the perfect opportunity for high school students to delve into the startup world. One gets to attend the valuable mentorship sessions, work with an intelligent team, get a sense of the ecosystem, solve real life problems, and learn about an entrepreneur’s life in the span of just 10 weeks. There can be no better experience if you want take up an entrepreneurial initiative in the future.”

Reach out to him here!

Quick Rules

  1. You must be a high school student (grades 9-12) in any of the schools in India.
  2. You should be able to attend most of the accelerator programme (June – July), proximity to GSF offices is a plus.
  3. You’ll have a multidimensional role at GSF and are expected to spend a considerate amount of time.